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Bibliography and Sources

These are books and sources I've used, enjoyed, borrowed from, been inspired by in trying to get a better understanding of the pre-war years and the war itself.

Origins of the war (up to  the July 1914 Crisis)

AJ Grant and H Temperley Europe in the Nineteenth Century 1789-1914
Emil Ludwig July 1914
Max Hastings Catastrophe - Europe goes to war 1914
Christopher Clark The Sleepwalkers
AJP Taylor War by timetable
Paul Ham 1913 - The Eve of War
Jonathan Steinberg Bismarck - a life
Tom Buk-Swienty 1864
Barbara Tuchmann The Proud Tower
Tim Butcher The Trigger - the hunt for Gavrilo Princip: the assassin who brought the world to war

Historical Accounts of the whole Conflict

Liddell Hart History of the First World War
Martin Gilbert First World War
John Buchan A History of the Great War
Winston S Churchill The Great War Vols I-IV
Robin Prior and Trevor Wilson The First World War
Norman Stone The First World War
Alexander Watson Ring of Steel - Germany and Austria-Hungary at war 1914-18
Kevin McNamara Dreams of a great small nation
Richard Holmes The Western Front
Gary Sheffield Forgotten Victory: The First World war Myths and Realities
Arthur Conan Doyle A History of the Great War

Specific Aspects, Campaigns and Battles

Holger Herwig The Marne 1914
Arthur Conan Doyle The British Campaign in France and Flanders 1914
Spencer Jones The Great Retreat of 1914
Geoff Bridger The Battle of Neuve Chapelle
Giles Milton Paradise Lost
Lyn McDonald 1914 
Ian Ousby The Road to Verdun
Edward Spears Liaison 1914
Peter Hart Gallipoli
Tim Travers Gallipoli 1915
Gordon Corrigan Loos 1915 - the unwanted battle
Richard Hough The Great War at Sea 1914-18
Robert K Massie Castles of Steel
Reginald Bacon The Jutland Scandal
John Harper The Truth About Jutland
Martin Middlebrook The First Day on the Somme: 1 July 1916
Barbara Tuchman The Zimmerman Telegram
Martin Middlebroook The Kaiser's Battle
TE Lawrence Seven Pillars of Wisdom
David Murphy Breaking point of the French Army: the Nivelle Offensive of 1917
Sean McMeakin The Ottoman Endgame
Kevin J McNamara Dreams of a great small nation
SA Smith The Russian Revolution. A very short introduction
John Reid Ten Days that shook the world
Orlando Figes A People's Tragedy. The Russian Revolution 1891-1924
John MacDonald Caporetto and the Isonzo Campaign: the Italian Front 1915-18
Lyn Macdonald Passchendaele: the story of the third battle of Ypres 1917
Nick Lloyd Passchendaele
Hanway R Cumming A Brigadier in france 1917-1918
Walter Shaw Sparrow The Fifth Army in France 1918
Nick Lloyd Hundred Days: the End of the Great War
Chris Baker The Battle for Flanders
Major CH Dudley Ward The Fifty Sixth Division 1914-1918
Laura Spinney Pale Rider. The Spanish Flu of 1918 and how it changed the world

Western Front Guides

Malcolm Brown Imperial War Museum Book of the Western Front
Richard Holmes War Walks
Victor Neuberg A Guide to the Western Front
Tony Spagnoli & Ted Smith Salient Points One - Cameos of the Western Front Ypres 1914-18
Nigel Cave Passchendaele - the fight for the village
Illustrated Michelin Guides to the Battle-Fields (1914-1918) Verdun and the battles for its possession
Illustrated Michelin Guides to the Battle-Fields (1914-1918) Battle Fields of the Marne 1914
Thomas Scotland & Steven Heys Understanding the Somme 1916:An Illuminating Battlefield Guide
Martin and Mary Middlebrook The Middlebrook Guide to the Somme Battlefields 
CWG Commission Somme 1916
Jolyon Fenwick Zero Hour. Somme 1916
Bradt Travel Guides World War One Battlefields


Sebastian Faulks Birdsong
Erich Maria Remarque All Quiet on the Western Front
Alexander Solzhenytsin August 1914
Ernest Hemingway A farewell to arms
Barbara Tuchman The guns of August
Sebastian Barry A long long way
Pat Barker The Regeneration Trilogy
Lyn McDonald Somme (as per 1914)
John Buchan Greenmantle
Robert Graves Goodbye to all that
John Boyne The Absolutist
RH Mottram The Spanish Farm Trilogy
Ben Macintyre A Foreign Field

Pictorial records and Maps

Max Arthur The Faces of World War I
Peter Chasseaud (IWM) Mapping the First World War
Richard Holmes  Shots from the Front
John Garfield The Fallen

Social and cultural aspects 
Paul Moorehouse and Sebastian Faulks The Great War in Portraits
John Stallworthy Anthem for Doomed Youth
David Crane Empires of the Dead - how one man's vision led to the creation of WW1's War Graves
Jeremy Paxman Great Britain's Great War
Imperial War Museum Art from the First World War
Gavin Stamp The Memorial to the Missing of the Somme
Robert Skidelsky John Maynard Keynes
John Maynard Keynes The economic consequences of the Great War

Eye witness accounts

Peter Englund The Beauty and the Sorrow
James Hyndson From Mons to the first battle of Ypres - the war diary of a young British officer
Vera Brittain Testament of Youth
Ernst Junger Storm of Steel
Edward Spears Liaison 1914

AJP Taylor The Origins of the Second World War
Carl J Clausewitz On war
Sun Tzu/Cleary The Art of War
Robert K Massie Peter the Great Chris Baker's brilliant site on the British Army in WW1
Yuval Harari Homo Deus
Robert Gerwarth The Vanquished: Why the First World War failed to end, 1917-1923

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