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The Great War – 100 Years On
Notes, maps and trips
 Part 1 - 1914

Sean Hilton


  1.   Warning signs and portents
        Agadir 1911
        Build up in 1914
        The assassination

  2.   War becomes inevitable
        37 days timeline
        Declarations of war

      3.  Western  Front 1914: Battle of Frontiers; Mons to the Marne;   First Ypres
            The Schlieffen Plan
            Outbreak of war for Great Britain
            Strength of the combatants and the nature of war
            Battle of the Frontiers
            Mons and the Great Retreat
            Battle of the Marne
            Battle of the Aisne
            Race to the Sea and First Ypres
            The Western Front at the end of 1914

        4  The Eastern Front: Lemberg; Tannenberg; Lodz and Warsaw
            Mobilisation and the Alliances
            The Front takes shape
            Lemberg and Tannenberg
            Major actions post Lemberg

      5. Turkey and Balkans

      6. Overall situation at end of 1914
             Naval situation
             Political and military situation

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